Energy Tips

Follow these tips to save money on your heating and cooling costs.

Don’t set the control higher than the desired temperature to quickly heat your home; You could forget to turn the dial down later and the rooms won’t heat any faster.

Lower the thermostat setting before you go to bed every night or when no one is home.

Keep the damper in your fireplace or wood stove closed when not in use.

Have appropriate weather-stripping around joints and seams in windows and doors.

If there are rooms that you seldom or never use, close the vents in these rooms and shut the doors that lead from these rooms to the occupied portions of your home.

Repair or replace leaky hot water faucets.

Keep your heating system clean; it will operate at peak efficiency only when it is free of lint or dirt.

Avoid shutting off your boiler completely. This will help prevent corrosion and water leaks which can reduce your boiler’s efficiency and lead to premature repairs.